How to Prospect on LinkedIn...

Hello everyone, Willem Osuch from Botsplash here, welcome to Botsplash.TV. is a very powerful tool if used properly, so we’re looking at some of the most effective prospecting methods we’ve encountered on the platform.

To prospect is to look for suitable individuals within a company or industry that you’d feel would be a fit for whatever product or service you and your company are providing.

So, you want to be sure your prospects are present on LinkedIn. Make sure that they have a filled out personal profile page so you can see that they are active on LinkedIn or at least offer some value to you in determining if they are indeed a good fit for your prospecting needs.

Research your prospects, that’s important too. Using their LinkedIn profile page, find out what their job titles are, their roles, and if their companies fit your prospecting criteria in the terms of size, revenue, or maybe even location.

And then there’s connecting and building relationships. If you’re lucky to connect with a prospect on LinkedIn, be sure to follow them. Be active on their feeds, comment on the posts, send them valuable information or materials, be known to them.

Hope these tips help you with your LinkedIn prospecting. I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for watching Botsplash.TV.