Mortgage Industry Podcasts

Many mortgage-minded professionals go out their way to make the mortgage industry accessible and understandable through their creative content. Welcome to this week’s Botsplash.TV. I’m Willem Osuch and today I’ll be going over some of the leading creative minds in the industry and content they create.

“Laugh, Lend, & Eat” is a podcast show hosted by Fobby Naghmi and Madison Keenan of First Option Mortgage. Here they have conversations with top-tier guests within the mortgage, real estate, and marketing industry to talk all things relevant to those industries.

Similarly, Alec Hanson of loanDepot, the charismatic host of Modern Lending Podcast welcomes top industry professionals to sit down with him as they discuss contemporary and relevant matters to the industry and Alec also creates such shows as “Bypassed” and “LiveTime with Alec” on his YouTube channel.

Lastly, the self-proclaimed Queen of Goofiness, Raquel Borras of New American Funding spreads joy, creativity, and variety in her popular YouTube show, Rac the Boat as well as hosting the show “Women that Shred”.  

These podcast shows are a great way to gain insight to the mortgage industry and the professionals that make up that industry, so be sure to check out their content on social media. I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for watching Botsplash.TV.