Networking Events

Let’s meet up! Hello everyone, welcome to Botsplash.TV, I’m Willem Osuch and today I’ll be talking about the power of meet-ups!

Meet-ups are a great way to increase networking opportunities. Hosting meet-ups and other networking sessions and gathering allow for business professionals from all circles to interact.

Sometimes, a particular business group or niche can be difficult to foster external relationships and networking opportunities, so creating a meet-up can be really helpful in finding others that match your business interests and talents.

“Chat, Chew, & Brew” is a concept we’ve created here at Botsplash where we select a meeting place here in Charlotte, North Carolina and invite everyone we can for a couple of hours to join us for drinks and socialization.

So be on the look-out for our “Chat, Chew, & Brew” announcements and we’ll see you at our next meet-up. I’m Willem Osuch, thank you for watching Botsplash.TV.