Scheduling Tools

Welcome to Botsplash.TV, I’m Willem Osuch and today, we’ll be looking at scheduling tools that help with scheduling social media posts and emails to be sent out at later times.

It’s nice to know that there are ways to schedule written posts and emails to be sent out in the future.

LinkedIn recently beta-tested a scheduling feature of their own. Beside the blue ‘Post’ button, a clock icon allowed users to select the post to be scheduled for a later date. Gmail too allows users to compose emails by clicking the “More Tools” icon and be presented with the option of selecting either Google’s suggested future times or their own scheduled time.

Scheduling features are a staple part of the Botsplash platform. Users have the ability to schedule multiple text messages out in the future, not only taking into account people’s different time zones, but also allowing the scheduled texts to automatically be canceled if the users hear back from their leads before the scheduled message is set to go out.

Scheduling tools are really helpful for communications, so let us know in the comments what scheduling tools you use most often. Thanks for watching Botsplash.TV. I’m Willem Osuch.