Secure Document Sharing

The ability to share documents electronically is an integral part of today’s world of business and commerce. That is why document sharing is a stable feature of the Botsplash omnichannel customer engagement platform and is the topic of this week’s episode of Botsplash.TV.

Document-sharing within the Botsplash platform is a feature that makes life easier for all its users. Utility bills, legal documents, and images are a few examples of documents that can securely and compliantly be shared through the chat portal on the desktop version of the Botsplash platform.

While Botsplash is also a mobile app, document sharing is restricted on mobile apps for security reasons as important and sensitive documents are not recommended to be sent via texts and Botsplash honors that regulatory guideline.

As such, the Botsplash desktop browser platform can enable proprietary and third-party integrations to sync collected documents to their systems to ensure that all parties are given the proper documents that are being shared.

The Botsplash platform offers document-sharing as an embedded feature that is as easy to use as the simple call-to-action button that it is on the platform. Find out more about Botsplash’s features on I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for watching Botsplash.TV.