Structuring a Sales Process

Sales can be a daunting task, yet there are tools and approaches that can help you. I’m Willem Osuch and this week’s episode of Botsplash.TV focuses on concepts in sales that provide an advantage in creating a sales process.

Having a cadence can provide a much-needed structure to a sales process. A cadence is an outline. It is an overview of the days in a calendar in which you reach out to your prospects through such means as email, cold calling, or other methods. You can start off with an intro email and follow-up two or three days later. Then you can follow that up with a phone call the following week. That is what a cadence is.

With a cadence in place, it’s important to know your prospects. What is your Ideal Customer Profile or ICP for short? Your ICP is an outline of how your ideal customer prospect looks like – what specific job title, role, or even connections do they have that makes them the perfect prospect for you.

Client Relationship Management software then helps you put all of your ICPs, all your contact information and lists of prospects into a database. There are many CRMs on the market today, so pick one that you feel gives you the best overview of all your prospects and is easiest for you to maintain.

I hope this overview of a sales process and the concepts that are a part of it will help you with developing your business. I’m Willem Osuch, thank you for tuning into Botsplash.TV.