Using a Webcam on Virtual Calls

Should you or should you not turn your webcam on when engaging with someone on a virtual call? Join me as I talk about webcam etiquette and more when it comes to being a part of virtual call.

Should you or should you not turn on your webcam when engaging with someone on a virtual call? Hi, I’m Willem Osuch, welcome to this week’s edition of, where I’ll be talking about webcam etiquette when it comes to virtual calls.

Virtual calls quickly became the norm during the pandemic using such teleconferencing software as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to link up with coworkers, prospects, and clients face-to-face.

With the face-to-face part, one needs a webcam to properly display oneself on another person’s screen. Having a webcam on and ready visually represents to others on a call that you are present and engaged with them and the moment.

There will be times when a person is simply not comfortable having a camera on and that is to be understood. Having a webcam on however does provide others on a call with a view that simply more than just a black computer screen.

Having your webcam on brings on a human touch that tells others that you took the time to be in the now and to be with the people you’re interacting with. It shows off an unwritten yet recognized form of respect in which all parties in a call are open and transparent with another one.

I’m Willem Osuch and thanks for tuning into this episode of