Web Chat for Lead Generation?

Web chat can be an effective use for bringing top of funnel leads into your sales pipeline. If you have chat on your site, a few easy steps can make a big difference. Join us for the first episode in a series covering lead generation using web chat.

Are you a marketer looking to generate leads? Are you a sales person looking for more opportunities? Are you a website designer looking to build more site engagement? Then we need to talk about using chat for lead generation. Hi, my name is Bruce Walker and welcome to Botsplash.TV

Web chat is one of the most effective ways of bringing top of funnel leads to your sales pipeline and creating a great user experience for your site visitors. But too many companies are missing out. Are you one of them?

If you have chat on your site, how are you using it? A great start is to simply greet your visitor. Your website is your business. When someone walks in, you say hello and try to make them feel comfortable. The chat is really your director of first impressions. So make sure everyone feels welcome!

You can use chat to capture some personal information and make the conversation more comfortable. Many of our clients will collect first and last names, email, and a cell phone number. That way, live agents can continue the conversation through SMS text. And you know what else? It all syncs to their CRM.

There are many ways you can use chat for lead generation and we’ll explore those in future episodes. Until then, thank you for watching Botsplash TV.