What is Scheduled Send?

Have you ever wanted to compose a message, but you didn’t want to send it right away, but rather schedule the message to be sent out later? I’m Willem Osuch and today on Botsplash.TV, I’ll be diving into the feature of scheduled send and its applications.

Within the Botsplash omnichannel customer engagement platform, it is possible for an agent, whether it be a mortgage loan officer or automotive sales rep, to write out messages and schedule them to be sent out later.

Beside the ‘Send’ button, is a drop-down button that will pop up a window in which a user can write a message and schedule it for when it needs to be sent out in the future. Moreover, the Botsplash platform provides the ability to schedule the future message with respect to a recipient’s time zone, ensuring that a scheduled sent message follows all TCPA guidelines.

The scheduled send feature is a game-changer. It allows for a messenger to compose their messages and plan out their outreach, not having to worry about getting every message sent out a once.

If scheduled send is a feature you’d like to incorporate in your customer engagement efforts, feel free to check out the Botsplash platform or reach out to me to find out more. I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for watching.