Why Does SMS Have Such a Massive Open Rate?

Welcome to another episode of Botsplash.TV. I’m Willem Osuch of Botsplash and SMS is one of the most powerful tools for any business that wants to enhance their outbound marketing efforts.

The average open rate of a text message is about 99% with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery.

Short Message Service or SMS for short feels more personal and exclusive. It’s a text message sent directly to an individual on their phone to the palm of their hand. SMS makes for the messaging to be more receptive and makes the reader able to engage immediately with the messenger.

SMS is short and sweet. 160 characters or less is a standard text message that is easy for a recipient to read and do not overburden them with large amounts of text. Sometimes, an SMS message could even just be a simple call-to-action or a reminder.

SMS text messaging is a great form of communication and easy to harness. It’s no wonder that businesses through their marketing teams or departments utilize SMS to reach a large population of customers with simple, yet effective messaging.

I’m Willem Osuch and this has been another episode of Botsplash.TV. Thanks for watching.