Botsplash and Better Car People announce strategic partnership
August 18, 2020

Botsplash and Better Car People announce strategic partnership

Botsplash and BCP announce partnership to provide Auto Dealerships with a seamless engagement capability across multiple messaging channels

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August 18, 2020 - Botsplash, a SaaS messaging platform has partnered with BCP to offer messaging solutions to Automotive Dealership customers. Customers looking to purchase a vehicle or book a service at a dealership will be able to instantly connect with an agent from BCP and get assistance promptly. The messaging service spans across SMS text, Website Chat, Google’s Business Messages and Facebook Messenger.

“Customers communication mediums are continuing to evolve, and as a leading engagement company BCP needed to be able to communicate with customers whenever and however they dictated” stated Jeff Gaul, Chief Operating Officer at BCP. “By partnering with Botsplash, our access to new communication channels has grown to include chat, text, and Facebook messenger. We are excited to be working with the Botsplash team, their CEO Aru Anavekar shares our customer-first values and is a highly valued partner.”

“We met with the BCP team at an event in town and as we discussed the operations and offerings of our respective companies, it was an instantaneous mutual interest to explore a partnership” said Aru Anavekar, CEO of Botsplash. “While Covid delayed our original launch times, the situation demanded for dealerships to support digital interaction. As with other industries, a lot of car dealership customer engagements were requiring they have support available with chat, text or via social channels. Both teams worked swiftly to launch early this year. Internet lead inquiries that usually fall off due to lack of immediate response, are now being converted to happy valuable customers by the highly engaging team Better Car People.”

This strategic partnership enhances the communication experience for customers looking to purchase a new vehicle, discuss a trade in, or make an appointment for the next service. In a customer service oriented B2C space, human agent interaction is highly important and immensely impacts the conversion. A happy customer is one who is attended to instantly, and happy customers want to close the deal fast. The sophisticated, robust, and simple to use Botsplash omnichannel platform and the automotive experts at BCP together bring the best return on your marketing spend and investment.

About BCP

BCP is an innovative technology company that helps dealerships respond to internet leads. While many dealerships find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviors, BCP leverages live agents with the intelligent technology to deliver the right messages to your customers. Contact us at 855.448.4219 or for more information.

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