Botsplash Widget Personalization
August 19, 2022

Botsplash Widget Personalization

Personalized digital communication solutions provide customers with an exceptional experience, while also providing an increase in overall profit for businesses. In fact, 51% of marketers assert that personalization across multiple touchpoints increased ROI by 300% and more. Customers are more likely to trust a business that is personalizing messages to their specific needs. The following features and capabilities give Botsplash users the tools needed to remain compliant while also providing a unique and custom experience for the customer.

Multi-Agent Chat

Many times, agents will require assistance during a conversation. It’s helpful to have the option to add additional representatives from your company to assist in the discussion. Many high-value transactions demand multiple agents and the ability to pull in support keeps the customer happy and provides the personalized experience they are looking for. The inclusion of additional agents make sure that customer inquiries are not only heard, but answered by a qualified member of your team. With Botsplash, your company has the option to add additional agents through an integrated API or manually based on the flow of engagement. All of this and more can be achieved using the multi-agent chat function of our platform.

Secure Conversation

There are times for collaborative communication and other times for private and secure engagement. As the name suggests, secure conversation mode ensures the privacy of the communicative party and can keep all inbound and outbound messaging to a one-on-one basis. This conversational model has three levels of accessibility: Default (public), Team Managed, and Private. To read more about conversational visibility and access, click here.

Agent Online/Offline Indicator

As a result of recent rules and regulatory measures that have passed from the California Bot Disclosure Law, it’s important to distinguish automated and live online engagement. Botsplash records the current online status of your agents and displays it for the visitor to see. Whether you’re online, away, or offline, there is a status display on the consumer's end indicating whether or not the conversation is authentic. Giving customers the ability to know if they have your full attention is important to a personalized chat experience.

Custom Agent Views

The Botsplash platform grants its users the ability to determine whether or not they want to provide customer-facing agent details or maintain anonymity. Agents are given the tools needed to add an additional touch of personalization to their conversations through two view types: anonymous agent view and agent image view.

Anonymous Agent View

There are times that an agent would like to be available to assist a customer, but prefers to remain anonymous. This preference can be accommodated on Botsplash and it’s as simple as an on/off checkbox. As an agent checks the box, it activates the anonymous agent view which keeps agent information such as name and image private. On the customer side, a prompt will appear that says “Agent Has Joined” indicating that the interaction is live but the agent remains anonymous.

Agent Image View

As the name sounds, Botsplash gives agents the ability to add a headshot to foster a more genuine conversation experience for the customer. This functionality adds a nice level of personality to a live chat and allows the customer to see who they are talking to without being on video. The agent image view offers the addition of an agent photo and name for the customer to see.


Regardless of your target market, a personalized customer experience can improve close rates and retention. It has been shown that 75% of consumers agree that they are keen on buying from brands that offer personalized digital experiences. Botsplash offers numerous features that make personalization easy and keep your conversational process one step ahead of the competition. If you would like to see any of the mentioned features in action, schedule a demo with us! We will work with you and your team to determine if Botsplash would be a good fit for your needs.

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