Car Shoppers Are Looking for Immediate Engagement, Can You Provide It?
July 7, 2022

Car Shoppers Are Looking for Immediate Engagement, Can You Provide It?

Immediate engagement is important in almost any industry, but for the automotive industry it’s imperative. Car shoppers have options and require immediate assistance. Your company must  provide prompt and adequate support for inquiries related to inventory, financing options, appointment scheduling, and more.

It’s no secret that the auto industry is competitive and the internet has made it even more so. Customers can now shop around for the best deal from the comfort of their couches. These customers pay attention to and find value in a positive online buying experience, which is where Botsplash comes in. We provide our clients the ability to stand out from the rest of the automotive websites that customers are on by fostering a memorable and user-friendly experience.

Car Shopping

Below you will find a few ways that Botsplash helps automotive companies communicate better with their customers.

Talk to Your Customers. Regardless of Where They Found You.

Every Channel In One Place

Botsplash allows customers to chat with your business, regardless of where they found you. Access to immediate live support has never been easier. Our platform takes conversations from channels such as web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s Business Messages and consolidates them onto one SaaS-based dashboard.

Platform users benefit from a plethora of features including reporting benefits, cross-departmental conversations, workflow integrations, and more. If your sales team is on the lot, busy with customers, or on the go, no problem! The Botsplash mobile app is the perfect extension to our desktop dashboard and is available on both iOS and Android!

Web Chat

Botsplash web chat is fast, customizable, and tailored to your automotive communication requirements. We offer chat in three design configurations to fit your unique page application- movable, inline, and on-demand chat. Your website is an online billboard that allows you to promote inventory, provide resources, and list contact information. As customers browse your site for information, they will have questions. Web chat gives assigned sales, service, or finance agents the ability to immediately answer those questions right from the company website.


SMS response rates are up to 295% higher than phone call responses, so why not give car shoppers the ability to text you? Additionally, communicating through SMS when selling vehicles or automotive products can yield an increase in both contact and deliverability rates. Americans always have their phones on them and SMS gives customers a sense of control over the conversation. Your competition is still making phone calls, so provide the method of communication that customers actually want to use.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is the all-time second most downloaded app on the iOS store. Facebook is not only useful for inventory promotion and advertising, but also offers an excellent choice for customer communication. Through conversations on this channel, car shoppers can obtain information as your sales and service representatives take advantage of appointment scheduling tools, document sharing, multi-salesperson chat and more.

Google’s Business Messages

In the modern car buying era, people are online researching, comparing, and communicating about available inventory or vehicle specifications. Nine times out of ten, that research is conducted through the top search engine in the world–Google. As customers search for your business, it’s a competitive advantage to display a chat option directly from the results page. This improves the customer experience that your company can provide while capturing leads on a channel that the competition isn’t capitalizing on.


Car shoppers are everywhere and it’s important to find a solution that allows you to capture leads in all places. Botsplash’s automotive solutions offer an excellent opportunity to expand your company’s communication capabilities without disrupting your current workflow processes. We offer numerous integration options with popular CRMs, DMSs, IMSs, financial applications, and more. Are you using something proprietary? No problem! We have the capability of integrating with virtually any platform as long as an open API is available.

For more information about how Botsplash can help your automotive business improve inbound messaging or transform to an omnichannel model, let us know! We can provide additional resources or give you a personalized demonstration of our product.

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