Chat Variations for Automotive Marketers
June 24, 2022

Chat Variations for Automotive Marketers

Automotive marketing agencies are essential to any dealership or car lot’s success. It’s your job to find qualified buyers for clients and trace the entire customer journey in order to build the perfect campaign. Your mission to create the initial point of contact between a prospective car buyer and the businesses that you represent is important, but is there anything that makes you unique?

Marketing agencies, especially in the automotive industry, are a dime a dozen. New marketing companies come and go regularly and your business must find a way to stand out. Botsplash can provide solutions that differentiate you from the rest of the competition. Our automotive marketing agency partnership opportunities give your business a competitive advantage and can enhance your product offering. One of the main ways to do this is by offering web chat.

The Botsplash Web Chat Solution

Most dealerships that are serious about their customer communication model will already have chat on their website. These chat providers are typically a budget chat provided to them by their CRM, web designer, or manufacturer for little to no cost. They do the trick for basic conversations but provide a poor user experience outside of initial engagement. This is where Botsplash comes in. Our entire model focuses on providing an effective communication experience for both the agent and the customer. Your clients can benefit from features such as canned messages, scheduled send, multi-agent chat, document sharing, and more.

Our web chat solutions are unique as they come in 3 different variations to best suit the pages that they live on.

Movable Chat

Movable chat allows customers to drag and move the page around on the page. It’s common, especially in automotive, that you will find a chat box to be in the way. Dealership websites are filled with inventory pictures, descriptions, and CTA’s. The ability to move and rearrange a chat on the page can be very convenient and provide a positive user experience while facilitating uninterrupted engagement.

Inline Chat

Occasionally it’s appropriate to fix the web chat to the page to encourage engagement. Giving the option to move a chat bot out of the way can cause the user to forget about it and move on. This form of chat is excellent for collecting form-based information and feedback. Dealerships can use this form of web chat to schedule a sales or service appointment or offer assistance.

On-Demand Chat

On-demand chat is a great option for pages that contain a lot of information or images. Sometimes you don’t want the chat box to block content or distract from important aspects of a webpage, so having a button that summons the chat is the best option. Providing a simple CTA to have the option to chat with a representative is a powerful solution as it provides the best of both worlds and keeps your agents available for any questions.

Botsplash Automotive Marketing Partnerships

Botsplash is proud to partner with automotive marketing agencies around the country to enhance their product offering and help them drive better results for their clients. Our integration process is quick and easy and gives your clients numerous new automotive-focused features such as scheduled send, canned messages, scheduling tools, and more. The built-in reporting dashboard gives you added analytics behind the conversations that are taking place between car shoppers and the dealerships that you represent. In addition to web chat, you can offer your clients the added option of TCPA-compliant outbound SMS campaigns. All of these product additions and more help you stand out in a saturated market.


If you are looking for an edge up on the competition, offering modern web chat solutions can be the answer. Not only will your clients benefit from new features, increased lead generation, and an always-available model, but you will have better insight as to what channels are working and if your marketing efforts are effective on those channels.

If you are interested in learning more about our web chat solutions or the benefits that a Botsplash partnership can provide, book a demo with us! We can give a comprehensive tour of our platform and see if we mesh well with the services that you already provide for your clients. If you interested in learning more about these 3 chat variations you can read our other blog here.

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