Compliant Canned Messages
June 6, 2022

Compliant Canned Messages

Canned messages or canned responses refer to pre-configured scripts or messages that allow for easy access when having a conversation with a prospect or client. Canned messages are most commonly used within customer success or support roles, specifically when the inbound volume is high and the need for instant responses are present. This form of templated messaging works well for initial customer engagement as the same questions will always be asked when gathering or providing initial information. Some common examples would be:

  • When displaying a welcome message or greeting.
  • A “please wait” message.
  • When collecting documents or information.
  • When sharing contact information.

We put together some of the most commonly used canned responses which can be found here.

Botsplash’s platform was developed with a focus on compliance, admin management and audit history for regulatory needs. The same principles apply to canned messages. Review the details below to see how they align with your compliance needs.

  1. Filterable - Botsplash gives users the ability to filter/search for messages based on what is being typed. As an agent starts to compose a message, they can filter and display only the saved responses that are relevant.
  2. Agent vs Company - Canned messages can be grouped as “personal” (Agent) and “common” (Company) for added convenience. Company representatives with admin status can set company level messages, accessible to all individuals using the platform. Agent created messages, on the other hand, are personal and are not available to other users on the platform.
  3. Token Replace - Botsplash canned messaging offers the ability to create responses that include personalized “tokens” that incorporate customer information such as firstname, lastname, email, agent information, and more.

Example : Hello {visitor.fullname}, hope you are doing well today. This is {agent.firstname} with Fairytale Mortgage. Please confirm your email address is {visitor.emailaddress} and property state {visitor.state}.

Hello, Janet Murrey, hope you are doing well today! This is Cory with Fairytale Mortgage. Please confirm your email address is and property state NC.

  1. Channel Specific - Canned messages on Botsplash can be configured to be channel specific. It’s common for agencies serving chat-on-behalf for multiple clients or for direct-to-consumer businesses to have specific language or wording requirements to meet compliance for individual digital channels. Channel specific canned messaging keeps messages isolated and based on the current active channel, saved responses are automatically filtered and a shorter list is available to sort through.
  2. Product Categories - Offering more than one product or service? Canned messages can be segregated and grouped for specific product categories or teams. For example, if your agents are grouped as “Tech Support”, “Loan Specialist”, and “Compliance”, Botsplash gives the ability to create messages isolated to these specific categories so they are easily accessible by those agents only.
  3. Emoji Support - Emojis are oftentimes looked at as unprofessional, but a simple :) may imply empathy, support, and understanding, thus transforming the tone of conversation altogether. Botsplash canned messages can be set to include emojis!
  4. Compliance and Audit Friendly - All messages admin or agent created will have recorded audit history and reports available. Similar to scripts for voice calls, at any time one can audit these reports and reference what common terms and conversation messages are in use.
  5. Short URL - Entire URLs take up valuable messaging space and can make a conversation hard to read. The Botsplash short URL feature, when enabled, automatically shortens every URL within your saved canned messages. Additionally, our URLs can be tracked and reported to display access.
  6. Personalization - With the use of extended attributes, you can personalize canned messages to include information very specific to the prospect in conversation.  Attributes such as loan-amount, insurance policies, and more can add a personalized touch to your templated messages.
  7. Mobile Friendly - Canned messages are accessible on both mobile app and desktop. Easily access them with one-click.

If you have additional questions about Botsplash’s canned messaging capability or other platform features, let us know! Interested in seeing Botsplash in-action? Reach out to us for a quick demo. We will work with you and your team to see how Botsplash can enhance your current communication model and generate new business through lead generation.

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