The History Behind the Botsplash Name
August 19, 2021

The History Behind the Botsplash Name

What’s in a name? Companies start with a spark of inspiration, an idea to solve a problem or provide a product or service better than anyone else. A name is needed however, before they begin to market themselves. You’re probably wondering what  “Botsplash” actually means. Was the name already there from the start or did an identity form over time?  Read below as we share the journey behind the meaning of Botsplash.

Beginning Stages

Botsplash, founded in 2017 by Aru Anavekar, originally began as a company called ‘HiBot’ in 2016. A logo, still in use today, was created to connect the name and the chat service that the company provided and was reflected by using the word 'Hi'.  Unfortunately, it was later discovered that a Japanese company with the very same name already existed. The company needed to change its name, but the logo could stay.

Old Botsplash "HiBot" Logo

Around the same time, Botsplash started experimenting with message automation, as Facebook Messenger had started offering it on their chat. "As time passed, we realized that each business has a different emphasis on their specific customers. For instance, when somebody is buying a loan, they prefer email over Facebook for security reasons. Based on the industry type, the emphasis on the channel was different," recalls Aru, the CEO of Botsplash. The company was transitioning beyond a single-channel and this evolving focus on multichannel consumer offering is what the name is all about.


It certainly took some creativity to come up with a new name. It had to be appropriate for the target audience, easy to remember, and in line with the services provided. Finally, after brainstorming and mixed efforts from internal and external parties, the name 'Botsplash' came to be. It’s a combination of Bot and Splash, where 'Splash' represents the spread across different channels like texting, web chat, Google Business Messages, video chats, Facebook Messenger, et cetera. Bot, as the name suggests, is simply the use of automation as a way to engage with people when a human is not available.

Botsplash Today

Botsplash has been growing since its launch in 2017 and continues to explore new channels and ways to solve its clients’ problems. Using automated chat widgets, live response, or a hybrid approach, the omni-channel platform with the happy little logo and the quirky name will continue to provide a rich user experience for both agents and customers.

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