The Importance of an Online Presence
November 18, 2020

The Importance of an Online Presence

Branding is everything these days and digital engagement is a must implement strategy for almost every B2B and B2C business. With LinkedIn and Facebook company pages as well as an interactive and informative website, Botsplash uses its digital presence to make its mark in the SaaS industry.


As you read this article, we hope you have explored the website and its content. A well-structured website allows you to market your business online. In today’s age a website establishes credibility for a business. Do you transact with businesses that do not have a website or an online presence? Then you know and understand how important it is to create and maintain an updated website.

Must haves for Company Website:

  • Homepage, Product/Services Offering, About, Team, Social Media Links, Contact  
  • SMS support number to reach out via text messaging, along with email and/or call
  • Blogs, FAQs, and News are great for dynamic content to encourage visitors and search engines to keep visiting
  • Client testimonials and review sections are enticing for on-the-fence prospects to decide to interact with you
  • Web chat for instant messaging and engagement as well as for after-hours support. (read more about Web chat via Botsplash here)

Our LinkedIn page is an important facet of the company’s online presence. The company serves as a vessel for Botsplash to communicate with our prospective audience and current clientele. Our LinkedIn page offers visitors posts showcasing everything from new launches, successes, testimonials to holiday greetings.

Must haves for Company LinkedIn Page:

  • Short and concise ‘About’ description
  • Schedule 2-3 posts a week
  • Short-Info Content: testimonials, short videos (less than 45 sec)
  • Human Connections: New employee or Existing employee spotlight
  • Co-Branded Post: Podcasts, client shoutouts, partnerships or sponsorship news


Follow our LinkedIn Page to learn more and to gather more tips and tricks about online presence.


Now on to Facebook! Did you know Facebook Marketing + Messenger Engagement can give you ROI a huge two-digit boost? Facebook ads with click-outs to landing page are outdated. Several clicks are lost with ZERO engagement on the landing page. Say YES to FacebookMessenger engagement; when visitors click an ad, instantly pre-populate a welcome message with their information and start chatting! Setup and launch? It’s instant, two clicks, and LIVE. Check out more of the Facebook Engagement Strategy here.  

Must haves for Company Facebook Page:

  • Schedule 2-3 posts a week
  • Company info, office hours, website link, and about section
  • Run ads regularly to be relevant and present to prospective audience
  • Enable Facebook Messenger for Ads so that the conversion rate is higher
  • Display products and services offered along after-hours support form via Messenger


We just scratched the surface with this write-up on three prominent engagement channels. Reach out to an associate via email, text, or phone to learn more about other channels such as Top-of-Funnel Text strategy, Google’s Business Messaging, Affiliate Marketing Web chat, and much more. Our team is excited and ready to hear about your use cases and work with you to get you the best conversions to date.


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