Top 5 Essential Security Tips
October 14, 2021

Top 5 Essential Security Tips

Cyber security is one topic that just can’t stay out of the headlines. It seems all too often that a major corporation falls victim to a cyberattack, sometimes putting private consumer information at risk. Facebook, Yahoo and T-Mobile are just a few big names to make headlines in recent years, compromising the information of millions of consumers.

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In 2013, hackers took aim at the retailer Target, stealing more than 40 million credit card numbers and personal details for 70 million users.

Two weeks ago, we at Botsplash gave you our top five security tips for using the Botsplash platform. Once again, I sat down with our Chief Technology Officer, Ramu Pulipati. This time we had a conversation about the five essential security tips that everyone should follow. Ramu described the following measures as the most important when it comes to cybersecurity.

1. Don't open strange emails

Confirm that you know who the sender is before opening an email. Email phishing is the number one method of hacking. This can occur simply by opening an unfamiliar email. If you’re unaware of who sent the message, leave it alone until you’re able to find out for sure.

2. Keep your system up to date

Many recent hacks affect outdated versions of systems. To ensure your security measures are up to date, make sure you are installing all software updates as they become available.

3. Lock your desktop and mobile devices

It’s important to lock your desktop and mobile devices after a certain amount of time. We recommend having your desktop computer lock after five minutes and your mobile phone after one minute of inactivity. Doing so prevents unauthorized users from accessing your confidential information when you’re not present at your device.

4. Enable remote / lock / disable

When using your smartphone or desktop devices in a professional setting, be sure to enable the remote / lock / disable features. This will help ensure that any sensitive data kept on your devices is safe in the event that one of them goes missing or gets into the wrong hands.

5. Utilize a clean desk policy

Don’t leave any sensitive information on your desk. Store all passwords in a secure location. Here at Botsplash, we use 1Password, which is safe, secure and easy to use.

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It’s safe to say that when it comes to cybersecurity, you can never be too safe. Be mindful of anything that looks suspicious and keep confidential information in secure locations. Keep up to date with our latest security tips by clicking here and checking out our blog page!

If you're a user of Botsplash, you can find additional recommended security measures here.

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