February 2023 Developer Updates

Our development team is constantly updating and improving the Botsplash platform. For the month of February 2023 you can find a few improvements added to the Botsplash experience below:

2-Way Spanish Translation:

Botsplash now has the capability to translate not only incoming messages from Spanish to English, but also translate outgoing messages from English to Spanish giving users the ability to engage with a visitor in either language. 

Archive on visitor activity page:

In order to improve workflow, we have added the option to archive a lead to the visitor activity page.

This chat may be recorded:

In order to remain compliant and keep our clients protected, we will now be displaying the following message within every chat widget. “This chat may be recorded.”

Bookme Disclaimer

We now display the following disclosures when scheduling a Bookme meeting as well as when starting a new screen sharing session. 

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