May 2024 Developer Updates

Platform Updates

Compliance flags for Listener Messages

Communicate with confidence. When creating new listeners or campaigns, the system will now flag you if necessary items such as opt out language or company information is not included.

Bookme Display Timezone

Booking made easy. When booking, Bookme will display the time zone you are booking your meeting in, ensuring connections are happening at the right time.

Sub-Account Accessibility

Switching with ease. Sub - Account access is now available on the message dashboard making it simple to change between accounts.

Visitors Page UI Improvements

Customize your workflow. Improvements have been made to the visitors page such as editing the columns that are visible, consolidating the additional filters as well as create a default view.

Reporting Improvements

Track your wins. Monthly visitor counts will now include a column for total Bookme meetings booked making it easy to measure success and areas of opportunity.

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