February 2024 Developer Updates

Platform Updates

Our development team is constantly updating and improving the Botsplash platform. For the month of February 2024 you can find a few improvements added to the Botsplash experience below:

Platform Updates for February 2024

Enhanced Label Functionality

Agents now have the ability to search through conversations by labels within the message dashboard

Botsplash Enhanced Labels

Team Bookme Pages

Introducing, Bookme Team! Combine all team members calendars onto one Bookme page. Once a meeting is scheduled the system will automatically distribute it out to the appropriate agent based on availability. Just like the individual pages, custom buttons, social media links and team information can be displayed.

Botsplash Bookme Team Pages

Message Dashboard UI - Suggested Reply Enhancements

The suggested reply feature has been moved out of the send menu to the text bubble within a conversation for easier access.

Botsplash Message Dashboard UI

Mobile App Updates

Message Dashboard UI Updates

Reminiscent of the Botsplash platform, features such as shared folder, bookmarks and create lead have been moved to a side menu on the mobile app.

Botsplash Mobile App Message Dashboard UI

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