June 2024 Developer Updates

Platform Updates

Our development team is constantly updating and improving the Botsplash platform. For the month of March 2024 you can find a few improvements added to the Botsplash experience below:

Reporting Improvements

Manage efficiently. Reviewing individual agent metrics by team assignment is not possible within the "Agent" reporting tab. This report can also support custom date ranges for further performance analysis.

Botsplash Reporting Dashboard

Bookme Improvements

Connect when the time is right. Bookme me now allows users to set "Max Days" and "Lead Time". This will give the users the ability to customize not only when a visitor can set a meeting with them (example: only allow meetings to be booked within the next 90 days) but also how long they will need to prep for a meeting (example: do not allow a visitor so schedule a meeting within an hour of the booking time).

Botsplash Bookme Lead Time and Max Days

Compliance Updates: Campaigns and Listeners

Connect compliantly. To stay on top of carrier regulations. Flags have been enabled within the create listener and campaign functions that will alert the user is the proper compliance verbiage is not found within the message, such as company branding and opt out language.

Botsplash Compliance Updates

Custom Disclaimer Abilities

Custom Content. Admins now have the ability to upload and compliance related disclaimers that will then display universally when a visitor submits a form to Botsplash. Additionally individual users will also have the capability to display custom notes or disclaimers on their personal Bookme pages in addition to company disclaimers (example: state license verbiage)

Custom Disclaimers

Instagram Chat

The Botsplash Channel family just got a little bigger. Instagram is now available as a communication channel!

Instagram on Botsplash

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