March 2024 Developer Updates

Platform Updates

Our development team is constantly updating and improving the Botsplash platform. For the month of March 2024 you can find a few improvements added to the Botsplash experience below:

Platform Updates for March 2024

Change Team Name

Team assignments can now be changed by the agent post acceptance.

Botsplash Team Assignment Settings

Canned Messages for Follow up/Tasks/Notes

Canned messages can now be used within follow ups, tasks and notes.

Canned Message Option in Tasks

Edit/Add Notes As an Admin

Admins can now edit or add notes on any lead assigned to an agent on their team.

Admin Access to Notes Menu Panel

UI Improvements to Email Channel

Improvements have been made to the overall look and feel of emails sent through Botsplash including formatting and custom subjects.

Botsplash Email Channel Experience
Botsplash Email Message Example

Sequence Delays with TCPA Support

A sequence can now include a specified time delay to ensure the message is being received by the visitor at the appropriate time all while adhering to TCPA guidelines.

Sequences Delays for TCPA

UI Updates for Meetings and Tasks

Meeting and tasks will now be organized into "upcoming" and "completed" tabs for better user visibility.

Botsplash Tasks Tab Options
Botsplash Meetings Tab Options

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