2024 Mid-Year Recap 🎉

As we reach the midpoint of 2024, it's an exciting time to reflect on Botsplash's journey this year. We've made significant advancements in our platform, showcasing the power and versatility of the solutions we provide. With the introduction of cutting-edge features, enhanced platform performance, and improved user experiences, our commitment to innovation has driven efficiency, boosted customer satisfaction, and empowered our users with seamless, intuitive interactions. Below, we look back at the top two features implemented each month in 2024.

Bulk Upload Contacts

What: Agents and admins can now bulk upload a list of contacts into the platform via a CSV file. 

Why: This feature saves time and reduces manual data entry, which can often lead to errors. 

How it Helps: By quickly populating the platform with new leads or contacts, teams can begin engagement efforts sooner, streamlining the sales pipeline and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Botsplash Bulk Upload
Botsplash Bulk Upload Team

Updated Reporting

What: Admins now have more visibility into metrics such as engagement, compliance, specific channel live traffic, and more. 

Why: Enhanced reporting capabilities provide deeper insights into performance and operational efficiency. 

How it Helps: With detailed metrics, teams can make data-driven decisions, optimize their strategies, and identify areas for improvement, leading to higher efficiency and increased revenue.

Botsplash Updated Reporting Dashboard

Team Bookme Pages

What: The Bookme Team feature allows all team members' calendars to be combined onto one Bookme page, automatically distributing meetings based on availability. 

Why: This ensures efficient scheduling and resource allocation, minimizing the risk of double-booking and ensuring that all team members are utilized effectively. 

How it Helps: By simplifying the scheduling process and making it easy for clients to book meetings, this feature can increase the number of meetings scheduled, thereby increasing opportunities for revenue generation.

Enhanced Label Functionality

What: Agents now have the ability to search through conversations by labels within the message dashboard. 

Why: Improved search functionality allows for quicker access to relevant conversations, improving efficiency. 

How it Helps: By easily finding and categorizing conversations, agents can provide faster and more accurate responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining workflow.

Botsplash Enhanced Labels

Sequence Delays With TCPA Support

What: A sequence can now include a specified time delay, ensuring messages are received at appropriate times while adhering to TCPA guidelines. 

Why: Compliance with TCPA is critical to avoid fines and legal issues, while timing messages appropriately can improve customer engagement. 

How it Helps: By sending messages at optimal times, teams can increase engagement rates, leading to higher conversion rates and more closed deals.

Sequences Delays for TCPA

UI Updates for Meetings and Tasks

What: Meetings and tasks will now be organized into "upcoming" and "completed" tabs for better user visibility. 

Why: Improved organization of tasks and meetings helps users manage their schedules more effectively. 

How it Helps: This feature enhances productivity by making it easier to keep track of tasks and deadlines, ensuring that important meetings and follow-ups are not missed. 

Botsplash Tasks Tab Options
Botsplash Meetings Tab Options

Agent Presence Flows

What: Botsplash now offers the ability to provide multiple conversation flows within a chat depending on whether an agent is online or not. 

Why: This feature allows for more versatile and responsive customer interactions. 

How it Helps: By adapting the conversation flow based on agent availability, customers receive timely responses, enhancing their experience and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Agent Presence Flows

Mobile App CRM Fields

What: CRM fields can now be added and updated within the mobile app, with all updates syncing back to the main platform. 

Why: This feature enhances the flexibility and mobility of agents, allowing them to update critical information on the go. 

How it Helps: Ensuring that CRM data is always up-to-date helps in maintaining accurate records, which can lead to better customer management and increased sales efficiency.

Botsplash mobile app CRM fields

Compliance Flags for Listener Messages

What: When creating new listeners or campaigns, the system will now flag necessary items such as opt-out language or company information if they are not included. 

Why: Ensuring compliance with regulations is critical to avoid legal issues and maintain customer trust. 

How it Helps: By automating compliance checks, teams can confidently conduct outreach and marketing campaigns, reducing the risk of fines and enhancing the brand's reputation.

Mobile App Time for Visitor Hint

What: The mobile app will now display the visitor's local time if it is outside normal communication hours to ensure it makes sense to reach out. 

Why: This feature ensures that agents engage with visitors at the right time, respecting their local time zones to avoid contacting them during inconvenient hours. 

How it Helps: By displaying the visitor's local time, agents can avoid reaching out during off-hours, improving engagement rates and customer satisfaction. This thoughtful approach increases the likelihood of timely responses and meaningful interactions, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and revenue for teams.

Botsplash mobile app time for visitor hint

Custom Disclaimers

What: Users can now add custom disclaimers to their messages and campaigns. 

Why: Custom disclaimers help ensure that all communications are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. 

How it Helps: By providing clear and compliant communication, this feature helps protect the company from legal issues and builds trust with customers, ultimately enhancing brand reputation and customer loyalty . These features highlight Botsplash's continuous efforts to enhance efficiency, compliance, and customer engagement, ultimately driving revenue and growth for its clients.

Custom Disclaimers

Mobile App Audio/Video Enhancements

What: Videos recorded and sent through the mobile app will now display the sender's information on a user-friendly landing page.

Why: This feature ensures clear identification of the sender, adding a personal touch to communications and enhancing the user experience. 

How it Helps: Personalized communication with sender information improves clarity, encourages engagement, and streamlines follow-ups, potentially increasing conversion rates.

The Hottest Features of the Year 🔥

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As we look forward to the rest of 2024, we are excited to continue driving innovation and delivering exceptional experiences for our users. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we strive to set new standards in digital communication and customer engagement.

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