How to #BeWhereYourCustomersAre
September 15, 2022

How to #BeWhereYourCustomersAre

Chances are you have seen our social media posts embrace the hashtag #BeWhereYourCustomersAre. This simple tag captures our company’s mission, and it represents the focus that Botsplash was created around. But what does it mean to “be where your customers are”, and how is this accomplished?

In today’s digital world, many communication outlets are utilized regularly by both businesses and consumers. It’s up to you and your company to figure out how to effectively connect with your customers on the right channels, at the right times, using the right tools.

Conversations Should Start on the Customer’s Terms, Not Yours

It’s far too common for businesses to dictate when and how a new customer must contact them. This approach leads to frustration, missed opportunities, and a poor customer experience. Instead, companies should expand their channel offering to capture leads in places that customers prefer, are familiar with, and are comfortable communicating through. This is where an omnichannel presence can correct the engagement process.

An omnichannel solution makes an agent’s job more efficient by allowing them to manage all inbound and outbound conversations through a single dashboard. This means that regardless of the messaging outlets that customers begin an engagement on, the Botsplash platform will conveniently filter the conversations into a single user-friendly screen. Here agents have access to useful features and distribution settings that provide consistency and flexibility for the lead.

The Channels

Look around and you will find that customers are everywhere. Botsplash provides multiple channels of engagement for the convenience of the customer which gives additional lead generation benefits for the agent. Below we have listed our most popular channels and the many ways they let you #BeWhereYourCustomersAre.

Web Chat

A business website acts as an online billboard for a company. Once a lead lands on a company’s website, it should be a simple process to start an engagement. A common mistake many companies make is restricting communication to a contact form. This inbound messaging method lacks adequate response time and a personalized user experience. “Being where your customers are” means that a hidden contact page won’t suffice, as it’s improbable that the user will ever land on it. Instead, the chat experience must follow the customer throughout their journey so that there is always an instant opportunity to engage. This is where web chat can help.

Web chat is a simple, yet effective messaging tool that provides immediate live and automated engagement with a personal touch. People today prefer- even expect- instant gratification, and communication is no different. Offering a means for immediate assistance can be the determining factor between a lost or closed sale.


Are you aware that 97% of Americans own a cell phone? This staggering statistic alone shows the importance that this channel plays in B2C communication. Encompassing a “be where your customers are” model means being available wherever and whenever. What better way to do this than through SMS messaging?

Americans are constantly on their phones, making SMS texting a top choice for instant communication between businesses and consumers. Statistics show that people check their phones up to 160 times a day, or once every 9 minutes. With high deliverability, open, and response rates, SMS has proven itself the number one choice for many customers.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social media outlet, and the Facebook Messenger application is the second most downloaded app in the iOS store. With such a massive following, businesses must make themselves available on this channel. Facebook is utilized by all walks of life and professions and is generally considered an industry agnostic platform.

A prior study showed that 20 billion messages are exchanged through Messenger each month between businesses and consumers. This volume of monthly engagement indicates the importance of the channel in a professional aspect and offers a way to reach potential customers on a platform they’re already using.

Google’s Business Messages

Everyone uses Google, but not all companies know they can host conversations from their Business Profile. The massive market penetration, abundant reach, and quality user experience make Google an undeniably excellent channel to converse through.

The initial point of contact between a consumer and your brand is typically on the Google Search Results Page. Activating your Business Messages account allows users to engage with your agents right as they find you. This provides the consumer with immediate assistance and an enriched engagement experience.

Don’t Let the Customer’s Environment Stop the Conversation

Regardless of where your customers are, Botsplash provides your agents with the tools needed to reach them. Continuous availability means that you can provide support on the most convenient channels regardless of where your customers are. Through live and automated processes, Botsplash ensures that your customers are always attended to even when your agents are unavailable.

If a customer isn’t ready to chat, we offer follow-up scheduling tools to continue the conversation at the lead’s preferred time and date. Using these tools, agents can schedule a follow-up reminder, schedule a meeting, or schedule a message to send automatically. Taking advantage of these features will give customers and agents the flexibility to keep conversations going for an extended period of time.


Your customers are out there, you just need to ensure that you're in the right places to engage them. At Botsplash, we believe the communication experience should be easy for both the consumer and the agent using our platform. Through multiple channels, we ensure that our #BeWhereYourCustomersAre focus is not just an admirable goal, but a genuine mission. Our vision is to provide the most exposure and lead-generating opportunities for our clients through new, easy-to-manage outlets. Continuous advancements and channel additions are on our roadmap to guarantee your success.

For additional information about the solutions that we can provide or to schedule a demo, please reach out to us.

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