Tips and Tricks to Schedule More Meetings
February 1, 2023

Tips and Tricks to Schedule More Meetings

Every opportunity to engage with a prospect is an opportunity to close a new deal or, unfortunately, to miss a successful sale. What best practices can one adopt to ensure conversations and meetings with prospects and clients are productive and can successfully convert?

This blog analyzes the customer mindset and shares tips for generating additional meetings. This article is for buyers or shoppers looking to make a high-value investment or transaction in real estate, solar panel installations, automotive, or insurance policy purchases. But as with many cross-industry things, what we discuss here could be applied to the generic sales processes.

Let's begin by looking at some primary concerns of a prospective buyer shopping for services or products.

  • Investment/asset creation
  • Financial improvement
  • Affordability
  • Life changing moment
  • Need driven

A lot will influence how you set up the meeting agenda and goals for the meeting.

Icebreaker/Get to Know meeting

For the first meeting, ensure you do your homework and learn about your prospect/lead ahead of time. Prepare a short agenda, such as:

  • State the purpose of the meeting and the subject.
  • About me : 3-5 bullets emphasizing why working with you and your company is best.
  • Share a few recent wins. (closed deals)
  • Share a few company wins and significant milestones.
  • Tell them about customer service expectations and reviews.
  • Set a time and duration and stay within that range. Ask the customer for another meeting/follow-up opportunity if the session runs longer than anticipated. They may want to extend the current one and will permit you to do so.
  • State the cost-savings or expenses that will impact the buyer, and provide a pricing structure if applicable.
  • Listen to the prospect and stay attentive to their needs and requirements.
  • Be honest and transparent on whether you can or cannot help them. Do not provide responses like "maybe," "depends," or "we can try to work it out" that are indecisive. If you need time to evaluate, let them know you need time and will reevaluate.
  • Set final follow-up and/or next steps with the customer.
  • Remember: the goal is to get that next meeting and move toward closing the sale.

Follow-Up/Meeting Again

You have established a relationship and understanding with the prospect. Now lead the conversation to present how you can help them with their needs.

  • Send a convenient reminder email/text before the meeting to ensure the prospect is aware and prepared.
  • At the beginning of the meeting, recap any notes and/or action items discussed during the previous session(s).
  • Check if any situation or attributes around the spending budget or purchase/transaction goals have changed since the last meeting.
  • Include team member(s) if they are relevant to the meeting topic, as they can support the conversation.
  • Present a proposal for review, evaluation, and negotiation.
  • Recap the buyer's needs and demonstrate if the product/service in discussion meets their requirements sufficiently.
  • Propose to follow up promptly to understand the next steps.
  • If the time is right, summarize the call to present an agreement or pricing proposal. Highlight the contents of what it might include and send it promptly within 24 hours.

Closing Meeting

this could be a final decision-making check-in. During this meeting, you will either successfully close or, at times, determine if you're not a good fit for the customer's needs. For the scope of this article, let's assume we are closing the deal on a very high note.

  • Greet and thank the customer for agreeing to close with you and deciding to transact.
  • Bring in your team members to the meeting as necessary.
  • Listen and hear what the customer says about their decision or the process thus far.
  • Close the discussion on a high note!

Conversation is crucial in establishing a good working relationship. Quick responses and responding with relevant information promptly influence the transaction at every engagement point.

Some key takeaways to help you conduct and execute successful meetings:

  • Whether the meeting(s) are hosted in-person, via call, or via web conference, start and end it on time. Make sure you are on camera, the space is well-lit, and the mic has been tested.
  • Regardless if you prefer using digital apps like Google Keep, Evernotes, or a traditional book and pen, make sure to take notes for your reference.
  • Meeting Scheduling App: use a meeting app such as Microsoft Teams Calendar, Calendly, or related software. (read more below about Bookme)

As we conclude, we would like to highlight some tools and features available on the Botsplash platform to help you with your meetings and schedules:

  • Screen Sharing and Video Calling: quickly launch a video/screen share session for a browser-based chat. No download is necessary. Simply create a link and launch, it's that easy! For more information, click here.
  • Follow-Up: send an invite to schedule a "Follow Up" call with the prospect. Doing so will instantly block time on your calendar and the prospect(s).
  • Bookme: calendar scheduling app. A quick link for your profile pages, email signature, social media profiles, and more. Read more about how you can manage your calendar with Bookme.
  • Meeting Text Reminders: yes, you and the prospect with whom you have an appointment can both receive text reminders for upcoming meetings. This is a helpful way to ensure that all parties are ready and better prepared for the meeting.
  • Scheduled text: sometimes, you want to schedule a text message to avoid disturbing someone or to deliver it when the time is right. With the Scheduled Send feature from Botsplash, you can do precisely that. Schedule text(s) to be sent in the future in your or your prospect's perspective time zones!
  • Omnichannel Message: too many websites, devices, and social media channels to say hello to a prospect or client? With Botsplash, all communication channels are available from one screen. Either use Botsplash's mobile app or browser platform, choose the best engagement channel for customer outreach, and send your message!
  • On-the-go messaging: Botsplash Mobile App. Take it with you, and never miss a conversation!

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