May 2023 Developer Updates

Platform Updates

Attachments enabled for Canned Messages and Listener Messages

We have enabled the ability to add an image or document attachment to canned messages and listener messages making it easier to share important information with your clients

Attachments for Canned Messages
Canned Message Attachment Button

Ability to Schedule Multiple Bookme Appointments

The visitor now has the ability to schedule multiple Bookme appointments with the same agent or with multiple agents making check ins with the visitors team that much easier

Multiple Bookme Meetings With One Agent

Visibility of Bookme Appointments

Bookme appointments will now be listed within the visitor details of the message dashboard making management and editing easier.

Bookme Meeting Menu

Bookme Link as Token Replacement

Personalized Bookme links can now be used as a token replacement within a canned message.

Bookme Tokens

Mark Conversation as read based on "on conversation typing"

Conversations will now only be marked as read when the agents begins to type a response vs when the conversation is opened.

Typing Indicator

Mobile Updates

Visitor Profile Notes

You can now add and update visitor profile notes directly in the mobile app.

Botsplash Profile Notes

Spanish Translation

2-Way Spanish Translation is now available on mobile!

Mobile App Spanish Translation
Mobile App Spanish Translate Example

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