November 2023 Developer Updates

Platform Updates


Users now have the ability to create upcoming tasks on a contact. These tasks can be created by anyone assigned to the conversation as well as edited and deleted if needed.

Botsplash Tasks Menu

Create a New Contact

You can now create and manage contacts within the Botsplash platform. This will give you the ability to edit tasks, meetings, notes or start a new conversation

Botsplash Create a New Contact
Botsplash Contact Card

Sentiment Analysis

The newest improvement to the Blurb will give you a breakdown of the tone of the conversation, giving the agent insight into how likely the lead is to close.

Botsplash Sentiment Analysis Signal

Weekly Emails for Tasks and Meetings

Botsplash will auto-send an email to the user showing any upcoming meetings or tasks

Botsplash Weekly Email Reports

Dropdown Search for Labels

You can now search via labels within advance search on the visitors page

Botsplash Dropdown Search Labels

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