Leveraging Tools to Reconnect with Lost Customers
September 29, 2022

Leveraging Tools to Reconnect with Lost Customers

While serving customers and other businesses, is your company experiencing a high churn rate? Lost customers or leads could simply indicate that a prospect isn’t the right fit at that point in time. Every B2B, B2C, or B2B2C business that is a service provider experiences loss during or after closing a deal or transaction. What measures does your team have in place to re-engage with these lost prospects or recurring business opportunities? This blog highlights multiple ways to re-engage and reconnect with lost leads and customers.

At a broad level, let’s segment lost or missed opportunities into two categories: Consent Based and No Consent prospects. Consent Based represents prospects or customers that have agreed to continue receiving call check-ins, updates, or other marketing material from you to make a decision when the time is right. On the other hand, prospects or customers that do not give explicit written consent are classified as No Consent and cannot be reached via call, emailn or text-based marketing.

Consent Based Re-engagement

Call or Text Engagement

You can set up trigger-based automated dialer or text messaging rules for consent-based individuals. These can be configured for unique workflows, so if a prospect responds to a text or answers a call, they will be directed to the best support rep or sales agent to handle the engagement.

Some businesses use external agencies to manage/nurture prospects and respond to their questions. Others utilize AI-based responses to determine if the prospect is ready to transact or is simply inquiring about more information. Whatever engagement strategy you choose to put into place, evaluate what risks you expose your brand and business to. Are the auto-responses or 3rd party nurturing helping or hurting the reputation of your business?

Botsplash Insight: within our platform, you have tools to re-engage via text in four different forms:

  1. Scheduled Text
  2. Follow Up Meeting invite with Text Reminder: send a meeting invitation from within the dashboard and choose to receive or send a 10-minute text reminder. Informed prospects or customers are more committed to coming prepared to a scheduled meeting than if they need to remember by memory or hand-written notes. So schedule those meetings ahead of time and block the calendar.
Botsplash Follow Up Meeting Feature
  1. File Upload Campaign: do you have a database of prospects and lost leads within your system that you want to reconnect with? Botsplash gives you an easy wizard to upload, map fields, and pick times and messages to send as SMS. TIP: if you’re collecting documents or want to encourage prospects to RSVP for an event, it’s wise to schedule the message between 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM local time. Response rates are highest during these times.
  1. CRM Trigger Text: status changes in a CRM are great ways to re-engage with open prospects. Use a decent strategy that balances a “check-in” cadence based on the prospect’s intent, interests, and convenience.

While we do not make outbound calls, we do handle inbounds from prospects and customers. These inbound calls are directed to a dedicated call center/support number to the assigned agent they might be already working with.

Email Communication

Are you utilizing an email marketing solution for your business? If you have not yet invested in it, check out some of these email marketing products for your automation and communication platforms.

Volly Email Marketing

Mailchimp Marketing Automation

Hubspot Email Marketing

Total Expert


Marketo Email Marketing

Emails are essential to maintain a continuous open line of communication. Make sure, based on the urgency of the matter, the email subject is well created and reflects the matter in conversation or discussion within the email. Messaging is critical, and you want to ensure that your message stands out. Your recipients should be able to glance through many unrelated emails and spot yours from the crowd.

Botsplash Insight: Botsplash is not a marketing automation platform. We do not support email marketing campaigns or have tools to create fancy-looking creative templates, but here is what we can do for your email engagement:

> Have an email address for the contact? Send a quick email from the Botsplash interface. The customer’s response will then be present in our dashboard, including any calls, texts, web chats, or email correspondence sent - all in one place.

> Send conversation transcripts - Have you ever had a fantastic conversation with a prospect via text, web chat, or through other channels, and they went silent? You can easily send them an email with a full conversation history transcript and get them interested in re-engaging.

No Consent Retargeting

Facebook retargeting

If set up correctly, Facebook Ads are great investments as they allow you to get in front of your past prospects and target audience. This social platform makes it easy, allowing you to upload email addresses from your database to use for retargeting. You can also embed a Facebook pixel on your website or landing pages and configure your ad to retarget those that have visited your site or engaged with the page(s). Make every digital impression or page view count and be in front of your audience. Doing so will remind your audience how to #BeThereForYourCustomers.

Botsplash Insight: get Facebook Messenger conversations delivered directly to your CRM and respond back from the Botsplash dashboard. Use in-build lead distribution, routing, and email escalation setup to get the fastest and most appropriate engagement with the prospect. Check out some of our information about how to better engage with your audience on the Facebook channel:

Tips to Generate Leads on Facebook

Ditch the Landing Page

Looking for a marketing agency or consultants to work with? Reach out to our friends at:




Cookie-Based Display Ads

Do you have a bigger budget and want to increase your brand presence? Try display ads. It is an investment but could reattract valuable business to make it worth it. Cookies are designed to compile information about a user in order to deliver advertisements that are relevant and more likely to be clicked on. These cookies track your lost prospects every day making display advertising so powerful when trying to reconnect with lost leads.

Ready to Connect?

We hope the article was helpful and gave you some quick wins and innovative ideas to help re-engage with prospects and customers. We would love to be a technology and customer engagement partner for you and your business. Connect with us to learn more about how Botsplash can help you win your customers. Reach out to us at bizdev@botsplash.com to schedule a demo with our team.

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