The Benefits of Integrating Velocify with Botsplash
August 23, 2022

The Benefits of Integrating Velocify with Botsplash

Anyone working in sales will utilize a CRM to manage their contacts and help organize their personal book of business. If you are in mortgage, there’s a CRM everyone knows…Velocify. As a lead management and CRM platform, Velocify is part of the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform allowing, loan officers to manage their lead volume. For many companies, Velocify is at the heart of their business. And while Velocify has widespread industry adoption, there are integrations that can make the overall experience better for customers and loan officers, and one of those integrations is Botsplash.

Botsplash is a customer engagement platform consolidating multiple channels of communication onto a single platform. It’s an omnichannel communication enhancement for users. Botsplash has been used as a companion app for Velocify and allows users to link web chat, SMS text, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and more to Velocify accounts, appending them with every conversation that takes place.

It's typical for a Botsplash integration to take less than two weeks. And if the Velocify instance and inclusion/exclusion rules are complicated, it may take an additional week. The Botsplash and client teams would meet and create an implementation plan and then begin the process. Fortunately, Botsplash has done these integrations often enough that there is a standard wizard, API examples, and detailed instructions for integration. The goal is to get users up and running, not slowed down through complexity.

Once integrated, users will see the platform will display Velocify CRM-ID as well as permitted Velocify data within the Botsplash platform including the Botsplash mobile app. This makes it easy for LOs, Processors, CSMs, and other agent participants to respond to prospects and customers regardless of where the customer or agent is located.

Conversations lead to conversions, and they can happen anywhere. Digital relationships occur from web chat, instant messaging, SMS, and more. Botsplash allows those conversations to happen at the convenience of the customer and with a Velocify integration, they’re captured for the convenience of the agent.

Common Questions

Velocify offers texting, why do I need Botsplash?

Botsplash is more than a single channel. Texting is one part of an overall omnichannel strategy, and Botsplash ensures that outbound texts go through more than 95% of the time. Additionally, Botsplash’s SMS texting solution includes multi-agent chat (the ability to add multiple agents to a single conversation), scheduled-send to ensure TCPA compliance and customer convenience, diversified vendor selection capable of using existing or new account set-ups, and active spam monitoring.

Do my agents need to be logged into Velocify and Botsplash? Can Botsplash be available within Velocify?

Agents will need to log in to both platforms and once in, Botsplash provides links to easily navigate to lead records within the systems. Users will often use Botsplash for daily tasks and communication and switch over to Velocify for deeper detail access and updating.

Can we replace Velocify with Botsplash?

While some clients have made the switch or prefer using Botsplash over Velocify, we strongly recommend utilizing both systems to maximize the strengths of both applications. For example, many clients use Velocify LMS for initial lead assignment and then, based on specific criteria like weekday vs. weekend, hour of the day, contact attempt number, and others, will activate Botsplash’s lead distribution to ensure the customer is responded to as quickly as possible.

What’s the learning curve? I’m concerned about another platform for my LOs to learn.

It’s a very intuitive platform, therefore the learning curve is minimal, simply log in and get started. Anyone familiar with Outlook or Gmail will feel right at home with Botsplash.

What about onboarding?

As mentioned before, the timing of onboarding is weeks not months dependent on the complexity of your instance. Botsplash offers hosted onboarding and a library of self-guided demos for feature descriptions, how-tos, and guides for more efficient platform utilization. And the Botsplash Customer Success team is available for post-launch demos, assistance, and troubleshooting.

Botsplash and Velocify complement each other and provide a comprehensive package of features leading to greater efficiency and conversion opportunities.

Are you interested in learning more about Velocify or have questions? Reach out to our friends at SDP Solutions and ask for Kevin Benner.

Interested in learning more about Botsplash? We’d love to talk to you and show you how an integration into Velocify or your CRM can help you capture your site visitors and make communication easier. Reach out and let’s chat.

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