Android App Login Troubleshooting


Occasionally when logging into Botsplash Mobile App on an Android using your company Login ID, the web page is presented with "Signing into Botsplash Mobile App ..." with links to Apple App and Android app.  If you continue to see the web page after installing the Botsplash App, please follow below steps to resolve the issue.


If you are continuing to see this message for Android Phone, follow the below steps to open Botsplash App login.

1. Navigate to All Apps

2. Open Settings

3. Select Apps and notifications

4. Select Botsplash

5. Select Open by default

6. Tap on Opening supported links to Open in this App

7. Tap back

8. Open Email app and tap Mobile Signin link to login into Botsplash app

If the above resolutions does not solve the App login, make sure your are using supported apps and try again:

  1. Supported Browsers:  Google Chrome
  2. Supported Email Apps:  Microsoft Outlook App or Gmail App
  3. Firewall not blocking email links

If the above solutions does not work, write to with following information for further assistance:

  • Android Phone Make and Model
  • Android Phone OS Version
  • Installed Botsplash Mobile App Version
  • Default Email App
  • Copy of Mobile Signin Email

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