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View all conversations

Page lists all visitor conversations – Active (Unarchived) and Archived.

If you are logged in as a(n):

  • Admin – all conversations visible
  • Team Lead – conversations for the team and team-members are visible
  • Team Member – conversations where agent is Owner or Assigned Agent are visible

On this page, you can search by email-address, CRM-ID, phone number, or name.

An unread tag means the agent has not viewed the conversation on the portal. An agent may have viewed the conversation as email/text escalation notification. An unanswered tag means the agent has not replied to visitor question.  

Available Actions
  • Send Message – will redirect to Live Chat dashboard, to compose + send message
  • Archive– Mark a chat conversation and archived
  • Unarchive– Activate an archived conversation
  • View Activity – View detailed, time-stamped conversation history for a visitor

Conversation History

  • Agent Information – lists “Owner” agent, Assigned Agent(s) and Team information
  • Contact Information – Email, Phone Number, Location and Text Delivery info if available
  • Visitor Activities – Event audits to indicate transfer/assignment
  • Conversation History – Descending order of conversation. Grouped by Channel and indicates delivery failures.
  • Indications informing escalation notifications indicated below

Questions / F.A.Q

1. Do chats that I archive automatically unarchive (activate)?

Yes. After you archive a conversation, if the visitor sends a message (text or webchat) then the chat conversation is reset to active (unarchived).

2. "Updated At" has two timestamps, what are they?

"Updated At" is the sort order for display, and it indicates the last conversation or change timestamp for a chat. "Created At" is the timestamp the visitor (lead) was created as a conversation in Botsplash.

3. Agent notifications sent – what does that mean?

The system is configured for escalation timeout. So if an agent is not logged into Botsplash or is logged in but may have stepped away and does not respond to in incoming visitor message, then the agent receives an SMS or Email notification as set in profile preference. When an escalation notification is sent, the system records the event.

If the Agent is logged out then escalations are immediate. If the agent is logged in and does not respond them the escalations are sent after few minutes.

4. What is “Bot” in conversation history?

The system is configured for responding with automated messages. “Bot” indicates that the system automated response was triggered. When an agent responds, the Agent-Name is displayed. “Visitor” indicates messages from the Visitor/Lead.

5. Some rows are marked in orange, what does that indicate?

If any messages (in specific, text messages) fail to be delivered to the visitor due to carrier violation(AT&T, Verizon) or other cellular issues, those will be marked “orange”. Certain violations can be reset from Dashboard and attempt to re-send a new message

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