Admin and Team Lead Reports


  • Channel Report – information on Channel (Text, Web, Facebook) related traffic flow, engagement rate, SMS Undeliverable
  • Campaign Report – information on Listener and Scheduled Campaign traffic flow, engagement rate, SMS Undeliverable
  • Teams Report – information based on traffic and engagement data for teams
  • Campaign Templates – SMS message delivery and engagement rate
  • Custom Reports – Built and created for your company's specific requests


Canned Messages – view/export Canned Messages setup by Admin (Company) and Agents

Audit Logs – system level logs, displays Agent configuration changes, and API sync errors

SMS Message Logs  – Search SMS Message delivered to visitor by visitor email-address or phone-number

Visitor Message Escalations

SMS / Text Message Escalation Notification

** Requires configuration and enabling on profile page to receive SMS escalation

If Agent is logged out from Portal or is away/does not respond with in specific time, the Agent received an SMS Message notification

  1. New visitor notification.Accept by responding with “yes”
  2. “Yes” may follow with a message to the visitor.
  3. Dashboard will display info when Agent responds via Text (underlined below)

You can also converse with multiple visitors at the same time.

  1. Note : Escalations are to help Agents respond in real-time or be aware of visitor request. It is not designed to manage all communication from SMS
  2. The @ token can be used to respond to multiple visitors during a period of time
  3. Once the @ token is used, all messages following are delivered to the latest visitor. “Hello” is sent to Sam (B8KG)

Email Message Escalation Notification

Emails as below will be sent : Open, Reply, Send

  • New Visitor : First response required is “Yes”. Once the visitor is assigned to you, then you may follow up with other messages.
  • Reminder Notification : If you setup “Follow Up” meetings withVisitor, those invites are sent to calendar.

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