Web Chat - Google Analytics Events

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Google Analytics Events

List of web chat events generated by Botsplash chat widget when configured with google universal analytics (UA) Identifier:

Event Category Event Action Event Label User Action/Trigger
Web Chat Chat Window Open   When the chat window is open
Web Chat Chat Session Start   When the visitor/customers starts engaging in the chat window by clicking a button or typing a message
Web Chat Agent Connect Initiated   When Agent connect initiates from the visitor
Web Chat Agent Connected   When Agent is connected with the visitor
Web Chat Chat Session End   When the visitor session closed or completes or terminated due to idle time
Web Chat Chat Window Closed   When the visitor closes the chat window
Web Chat SMS Connect   When a form is submitted with "Text Us" Google Analytics event id
Web Chat Contact   When a contact form is submitted
Web Chat Form Submitted smsswitch or contact When a form is submitted in the chat widget

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